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 Tyre Changing         


Tyres are one of the items on your vehicle that can be easily forgotten about on a day-to-day basis.


Tyres will have a wear indicator to show you how much tread is left on the vehicle however a vehicle can be un-roadworthy and unsafe if the edges are worn out before the rest of the tyre. This can expose the tyre to hazards on the road resulting in a flat tyre as well as blowouts especially when travelling at high speeds.


Keeping an eye on your tyres on a regular basis is essential to your vehicle being roadworthy.


Don’t forget your spare! When purchasing a new or used vehicle always check the spare tyre is roadworthy and in the vehicle. To pass a Safety Certificate Inspection on a used vehicle the spare tyre is not included in the inspection so best to check before purchasing.


The tyre may be a space saver as well and this is always best to know how to fit your spare wheel to your new vehicle as soon as you purchase it. It isn’t as easy to learn at the side of the road in bad weather or at night.



Tyre Tip: Have your mechanic rotate the tyres when the vehicle is serviced prolongs the life of the tyre hence giving you more value for money. 



When you discover you have a screw or nail in your tyre, immediately replace the punctured tyre with your spare and head on in to see us as soon as possible.

If possible, our specialist team can complete the repair saving you the cost of complete new tyre.


Although it can be tempting to say “I will get to it when I get a spare minute” it is always best to make sure that you spare tyre is ready for any emergency you may have in the future.


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