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Tyres Gold Coast

At M1 Tyres Gold Coast we are able to cater to all your tyre needs.


Checking your tyres on a regular basis is essential to getting the longest life from your tyre.


If your wheel alignment is out or the tyres can be scrubbing then this can greatly affect the wear on your tyres. Inside and outside edges can wear away before the full life of the tyre making the replacement of your tyres sooner than expected.


Some simple maintenance can save you money in the long run.


Things such as:


  • Rotating the tyres every service – approx. every 6 months or 10,000kms. (This evens out the wear on the tyres as the front steering tyres tend to wear out quicker than your rear tyres)

  • Keep tyres inflated to the correct level. Check your tyre placard that is located in your door jam or glove box for the correct level for your vehicle. They will vary depending on the car/size of the tyre. 

  • Check your tyre inflation levels on a regular basis. Don’t let them become flat before inflating them with more air.

  • Have a wheel alignment check completed at every service

  • Have a wheel alignment completed if you have any new tires fitted to the vehicle or maintenance work completed to the steering components of your car.



Our extensive supplier network allows us to find the brand of tyre that you prefer.

Whether it is a low cost tyre or specialised tyres for your 30inch rims and everything in-between, M1 Tyres and Service has got you covered.


Some of the brands that we have available are:


  • Achilles

  • BF Goodrich

  • Blacklion

  • Bridgestone

  • Colonial

  • Continental

  • Dunlop

  • Durun

  • Ecovision

  • Falken

  • Federal

  • Goodyear

  • Hankook

  • Ironman

  • Joyroad

  • Kumho

  • Landsail

  • Michelin

  • Nankang

  • Nexen

  • Ohtsu

  • Pirelli

  • Roadking 

  • Sumitomo

  • Toyo

  • Unigrip

  • Vizzoni

  • Wanli

  • Yokohama

  • Zeta


And many, many more…


For all your tyre needs, contact us today for a Free Quote on 07 5500 5603

The tyre size that you require can be found on the tyre and typically will look similar to the example below:





 Tyre Brands         

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