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 Wheel Alignment         


Wheel Alignment Gold Coast

 An accurate wheel alignment is essential for even wear on your tyres.

If you are feeling the vehicle pulling to one side of the road when you have your hands lightly on the wheel then the likely cause if the wheels out of alignment.


M1 Tyres have the latest equipment to give you the best possible alignment. Using the the latest Hunter HawkEye Elite Wheel Alignment System with 3D laser technology, you know that your vehicle is in the best of hands.


There are several situations that can cause your wheels to become out of alignment.


  • Potholes

  • Running into a kerb

  • Replacing your tyres

  • Any work carried out on the steering components a vehicle.


The adjustments that are the most common when correcting a wheel alignment is:



Camber is the measurement of the vertical angle of the wheel to the road. The correct position of the camber allows the tyre to have even contact with the road and reduces the risk of scrubbing out inner and outer edges of the tyres.

The wrong camber setting on your alignment causes the pulling of the vehicle to one side of the road.



Toe-In is the measurements taken of the angle of the tyres when looking from above the tyres. The angle of the “toe” is defined by if the tyres are pointing inwards or outwards. To have even wear and proper steering capabilities the toe of the wheel alignment needs to correct.


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